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Moonspank at The Alive @ Five Music Festival
Show Date: August 9, 2007

Production Date: September, 2007

Moonspank opened up for Don McLean at the final Alive @ Five show of the summer in Stamford, CT and played their hearts out for thousands of people in attendance. Patrice Perry, Lenon Nersesian and John Packes are credited with the cinematography of this truly memorable Moonspank Experience.

Below is a sample of the footage which is included on the official DVD: Moonspank at The Alive @ Five Music Festival. BUY THE FULL DVD.

"Electric Freak 2"

"Street Pimp"


Moonspank on MTV's Boiling Points!!!
Production Date: January, 2005

Tony decides to prank his fellow band mates big time on MTV's hit
show Boiling Points. This was originally recorded in early January
of 2005 and aired for the first time on MTV in late 2006.


Moonspank @ Paragon Park, PA
Production Date:
September 24th, 2005

Can the Paragon Park experience possibly be
summed up in 60 seconds or less? You be the judge!


Moonspank @ The Rambling House
Production Date: August 20th, 2005

Moonspank hired a 5 person video crew to document this
unforgettable experience READ MORE ABOUT THIS SHOW.

The videos below represent the "best of" performances.

"You Thought"

"Paint It Black"


The 2006 Moonspank Website Introduction
Production Date: June, 2006

This video introduction, although visually stimulating, never actually made it
to It was meant to replace the old video introduction but
was axed at the last minute. It does however, still live here and on YouTube.


Moonspank @ The NYC Marathon
Production Date: November 7th, 2004

Moonspank endeavor ends in tragedy when the band realizes that they
don't have an adequate power source to plug into. What happens along
the way makes for a truly unforgettable experience.


The "Alright" Music Video
Production Date: November, 2003

Due to the immense popularity of the song "Alright", the boys decided to
take the hours of footage shot at the 2003 Block Island Music Festival,
and piece it together to create a music video dedicated to it.

This video not only illustrates the experience at The Block Island Music
Festival, it also embraces the full energy of Moonspank on the road. The
interior footage of this video was shot at Captain Nick's Block Island Tavern.


The 2004 Moonspank Website Introduction
Production Date: August, 2004

Getting a little sick and tired of flash based website introductions that lack
any real life or meaning? Well the Moonspank boys agree and decided to
give you a video introduction with some life!! Tony took the best live
footage that existed of Moonspank (at the time), as well as a plethora of
press kit photos, to create this vibrant 2004 website video introduction.


The Block Island Music Festival
Production Date: June, 2003

This was a very challenging video project from a post-production standpoint. Three different cameras, recording three different formats (VHS-C, Hi8 and MiniDV were used to shoot the event. Thanks to the great (and very format friendly) non-linear video editing program Vegas Video, viewers are now
able to experience Moonspank live in concert, for the first time ever.

Below are samples of the footage which is included on the official DVD: Moonspank at the 2003 Block Island Music Festival. BUY THE FULL DVD.

"In The Rain"




The 2003 Moonspank Website Introduction
Production Date: ??/2003

This video marked the beginning of the 2nd Moonspank website
ever created. Starting as a splash page which eventually opened
up the homepage separately, It greeted folks with the old Moonspank
logo, as well as the band's contact info. All this, was scored
by the bridge section of the early Spank tune "Just Another Day".

The video, was produced by John Packes in his early years of Flash development. John went on to create this very website 1 year later.

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